Auction Volunteers

Coming Meetings:
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planning meeting

Event Volunteers :



We need You!

A few hours before the auction   OR   A few hours at the auction   OR   lots of hours before and/or at the auction.

Come work with us!  We are fun!

Meet other EW parents and make an impact!

Where we currently need help:

 – Online Procurement

 – Sponsorship tracking (we have our solicitors, just need some tracking and emailing help)

 – Saturday evening 3-10-18, need 10 volunteers!  We trade event help with two different auctions and they are both on the same night.  It is fun and no prep needed.

 – Wine Pull coordinator.  Gather 20 to 30 bottles of wine for the wine pull.  Teams help with this, but some extra attention is needed also.

 – Work Party volunteers.  We will have three work parties where 4 hours of your time would be greatly appreciated!

 – Set up for Auction party on Friday 4-20 and/or Saturday 4-21.

 – Event night volunteers.  Not attending the auction, we would love your help.  It is lots of fun!  A great way to participate.

Please!!  Email us at with your interest.